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    LifeSurprises creates innovative, interactive and intelligent children's books. Our sole intention is to enlighten the lives of children. A book can do more than just tell a story.

  • HatchaPet

    Learn patience, experience anticipation, and feel joy with this series of children's books. HatchaPet Volume 1: The Discovery has just launched and Volume 2 is in the works. Visit HatchaPet.com for more information. HatchaPet Vol.1Volume 1: The Discovery

  • Digital

    In today's quick flowing digital age, patience is sometimes overlooked. As a successful programmer for over 20+ years, I wanted to give back the importance of anticipation, patience, and surprise. Instead of just making another digital application, a physical book with physical interaction was needed to accomplish this goal. HatchaPet was born.

  • Peerless

    Our experience with children and programming ensure a quality experience with our interactive books and websites. The books in conjunction with the companion websites help enhance the childrens ability to pay attention to detail and retain facts. Life is an adventure!

Our Pledge To You: LifeSurprises' corporate goal is to enlighten the lives of millions of children through intelligent interactive books and products at a value that everyone can enjoy.

Our Stories

What makes us different?

More than just great stories, we strive to spark imagination, invoke anticipiation, and bring dreams to reality. The combination of books, internet, and toys allows us to combine the physical and digital realms of learning.


We are highly experienced:

  • 20+ years in programming and technology
  • 37 years experience teaching children (master teacher)
  • We are parents as well and strive to meet the needs of children.

Our Products

With the launch of our first children's book, we are providing an online area where children can post their experiences, interact with other HatchaPet owners, and use our questionaire to test their retention to details. We are currently writing volume 2 of the HatchaPet series and look forward to hearing from our fans so we can constantly improve. We believe a book is wonderful way to connect with your kids especially when the book is interactive.

Meet our team

We are talented and smart

Darin Grey

Darin Grey

Founder / CEO
Expertise:Programming Technology, Business Development

Ellen Grey

Ellen Grey

Author for HatchaPet series
Master Teacher
35 years teaching children.

Cristin Grey

Cristin Grey

Expertise: Management/Sales

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22699 Wilderness Way
Boca Raton, FL 33428 USA





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